Is Search Engineee Optimisation Really Worth It?

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Is Search Engineee Optimisation Really Worth It? By Trevor Dumbleton There's no escaping it, search engine optimisation is hard work. Individually, the parts of it aren't hard but there are lots of parts, all of which fit together and the final answer is often a lot more than the sum of the parts. The biggest gripe is that it takes time before it comes into effect and that you never quite know which part of the jigsaw has been the "correct" piece.Which is why the question of whether search engine optimisation is really worth it crops up.The quick answer is that so long as you're prepared to invest the time - or pay someone else to do your SEO for you - then it should pay off.But that may not be for quite a few months, so you'll need to be patient and persistent with your SEO.The basics of SEO are always worth doing because they apply to organic search engine results as well as to the quality score that AdWords will award your page. So it gets used twice.

On page SEO means making sure the following are done (not always the case, even if your website designer claims they are) on every page of your site. Not just the home page. Page titlesthese are absolutely essential as they tell people what your page is about before they even click through to it. And they are used in quite a few places other than the search results nowadays such as when people bookmark you on places like Facebook Page description much the same comments as on page titles, these are regularly neglected even though they are relatively quick to create and have a high impact Page content - everything from headlines, images, videos, links on the page and (of course) the written content of the page.

If you're creating a fresh page on your website, optimising it for SEO purposes probably adds about 5 to 10 minutes to the page creation time at most. Less once you start getting the hang of it. And about the same time to apply it retrospectively to existing pages on your site, so it's something you can fit into about the same time as a coffee break.All those are quite simple to do and don't take much time. In terms of the results you potentially get for the time and effort expended, I'd say they are definitely worth doing. Preferably on every single page of your site.Off site search engine optimisation is a different kettle of fish completely and would take a complete article of its own to even scratch the surface of what's involved and whether it's worth the effort.Find out more about how to do SEO for your website.And check this out if you'd like an EO mentor to help you navigate through the SEO maze.

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